“J.Lo’s Retro Glam: A Nostalgic Spring Campaign for Guess with a Blend of 80s Madonna and Sophia Loren Vibes”

Guess has teamed up with Jennifer Lopez once again for their Spring 2020 campaign. This comes after their successful collaboration in 2018. The talented 50-year-old singer and actress is thrilled to work on this project and loves the idea of portraying different characters for each campaign. The latest photoshoot for the season is a mix of 60s Italian film stars, Madonna from the 80s, and Sophia Loren, giving it a fun and glamorous vibe.

New Jen: Jennifer Lopez is doing a repeat performance. After becoming the face of Guess in 2018, the 50-year-old Hustlers star is back for more as she has just been announced as the spokesperson for the brand's Spring 2020 campaign

As a mother of two, she couldn’t hide her excitement for portraying the character and giving it her own personal touch during the photo shoot. She also mentioned how impressed she was with how well the clothing and the setting blended together, creating an overall successful outcome for the campaign.

Inspiration: 'Whenever I do a collaboration, I always think of a character that I can play and be and we had a lot of fun doing that with this campaign,' said the Golden Globe nominee

GUESS and Marciano have named Lopez as their global ambassador for their advertising campaign for Spring 2020. The campaign’s creative direction is under the supervision of Paul Marciano, who is the Chief Creative Officer of GUESS?, Inc.

Retro: 'The vibe this time was a mix between an Italian film star from the 60s, mixed with Madonna from the 80s, mixed with Sophia Loren,' added the fiancee of Alex Rodriguez

Paul enthusiastically shared his delight in Jennifer’s participation for yet another GUESS and Marciano campaign.

Fun times: 'It’s so much fun to get into the character and to make that happen,' added the mother-of-two. 'The clothes and setting of the shoot really worked well together to make this campaign come to life'

Jennifer is a true pioneer in the realms of music, fashion, and cinema. Her persona embodies the quintessence of a GUESS Girl – fearless, audacious, and self-confident. The ad campaign showcases Jennifer’s natural beauty and validates why she’s considered a genuine icon.

Role model 1: Jennifer mentioned Madonna, seen with Warren Beatty in Dick Tracy in 1990, as an influence

Guess recently launched a campaign that features Jennifer Lopez, with a photo shoot held in the beautiful Santa Monica, California. Tatiana Gerusova, a skilled photographer, captured both colorful and monochromatic images that express a timeless Hollywood lifestyle. The stunning photographs showcase Lopez posing amidst the picturesque palm trees and beaches of California.

The first look: Here is Jenny From The Block in her first campaign shared in 2018

Last year, she rocked a stylish outfit that featured a white top, plaid shorts, and white heels while campaigning. She also flaunted a collection of stunning spring dresses. Previously, Guess has worked with famous models like Claudia Schiffer, Anna Nicole Smith, Paris Hilton, and Drew Barrymore. We can’t wait to see the electrifying Super Bowl halftime performances by J-Lo and Shakira!

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