“JLo’s Uncommon Footage Shows a Refreshing Side of Her: Unwinding by the Pool with Her Kids and Flaunting Her Natural Beauty”

Despite her busy schedule as a singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez never forgets to devote time to her two children with Marc Anthony, Max and Emme, who are both 11 years old. This week, the superstar shared a video diary of her summer It’s My Party Tour, which commemorated her 50th birthday. While the majority of the footage showed her performing on stage, there was a heartwarming segment where J.Lo was seen enjoying quality time with her kids, makeup-free and relaxed.

Chilled out: Jennifer Lopez spends a lot of her time either singing on stage or acting in movies. But this week the 50-year-old diva reminded her fans that she carves out special time for the two children she had with Marc Anthony

Cool and relaxed: Jennifer Lopez, a famous singer and actress, is often busy with her work on stage and in movies. However, this week she showed her fans that she prioritizes spending quality time with her two children, who she shares with Marc Anthony despite her hectic schedule.

At ease: In a video diary of her summer It's My Party Tour - which celebrated her 50th birthday - she is seen mostly on stage, but there is a section where the pop icon is relaxing makeup free with her little ones

In a video journal documenting her It’s My Party Tour, where she celebrated her 50th birthday, the renowned pop star is featured primarily on stage. However, there is a brief moment in the footage where she can be seen unwinding with her children, sans makeup.

Kids being kids: Then Emme is seen having fun with Max as they splash around in the water

Jennifer is sporting a casual look while spending some quality time in the pool with her daughter, Emme. The young girl has expressed her desire to pursue a career similar to her mother’s, and both of them seem to be enjoying each other’s company. They are seen smiling and being carefree, with one instance where they even share a laugh while holding hands.

Sunbathing: Lopez is then seen in her white one piece on a unicorn pool toy as she talks to the camera while wearing sunglasses

She knows how to enjoy the A list life: In the background is a large JLO for some reason

Emme and Max were having a blast playing in the water, while Lopez enjoyed herself on a unicorn floatie wearing a white one-piece swimsuit and stylish shades. In another scene, Jenny From The Block showed off her moves in a white robe, even twerking a little. Additionally, there’s footage of Jennifer relaxing in a maroon bathing suit with matching sunglasses, chilling with Emme.

Suit gal: There is also footage of Jennifer in a low-cut maroon bathing suit with matching tinted sunglasses a she sits with Emme

In her video diary, she expressed how she is continuously improving after reaching the age of 50 last July. She emphasized the significance of embracing her age and wisdom through her It’s My Party Tour, which grossed a remarkable $53.6 million across 38 dates.

Now with her son: She also spent time with Max who had on a white tank top

When I expressed my desire to celebrate turning 50 by making it known to everyone, most people thought I was crazy. They couldn’t understand why I would want to highlight something seemingly insignificant. However, for me, it was a crucial step in asserting myself as a strong woman. I wanted to show people that women should not be dismissed or ignored at a certain age. We continue to improve and grow as long as we embrace new experiences and evolve. This is what I shared in my tour diary during my international travels, and I stand by it today.

The story behind the tour: Lopez is just 'getting better and better' after turning 50 in July, and she felt it was important to celebrate her age and experience with a .6M-grossing, 38-date It's My Party Tour (pictured August 10)

As Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 50th birthday in July, she realized that she was only improving with age. To commemorate her experience and growth, she embarked on a 38-date tour called It’s My Party, which grossed an impressive $53.6 million. As she continues to thrive, Lopez wants to share her message of growth and empowerment with fans around the world.

In her international tour diary which dropped Tuesday, the two-time Grammy nominee said: 'Everybody thought that I was crazy when I wanted to go out and let everybody know that I was 50. That was just like something, “Ummm why are we highlighting this again?”'

The international tour diary of the two-time Grammy nominee was released on Tuesday, in which she expressed her desire to announce that she was 50 years old. Despite people thinking she was crazy for doing so, it was important to her to let everyone know and celebrate her 50th birthday throughout the summer. Jennifer Lopez did not expect her unapologetic message of “I’m a woman. I’m 50 years old and I’m here and I’m not going anywhere” to have such an impact on so many people. The YouTube video also shows JLo returning home with her fiancé Alex Rodriguez and twins after finishing the It’s My Party Tour.

Lopez added: 'You're getting better and better as you go so long as you are open to the experience of growing and evolving...I didn't realize in just being myself and unafraid to say that to the world - “I'm a woman. I'm 50 years old and I'm here and I'm not going anywhere” - was going to mean so much to so many people'

Lopez expressed that one can improve oneself by being open to personal growth and evolution. She shared that she did not realize how much of an impact her authenticity and fearlessness in saying, “I’m a woman. I’m 50 years old and I’m here and I’m not going anywhere,” would have on others. Despite this, she expressed relief that the hard work for her recent project is over. Lopez explained to her family that she has to prioritize rest and body work, which limits her ability to go out and do things. Nonetheless, she joined her Hustlers co-stars for a Good Morning America taping to promote their new movie based on a 2015 New York Magazine article by Jessica Pressler.

'I am happy it's over. It's hard work for me': Later in the YouTube video, JLo finishes the It's My Party Tour and heads home with her fiancé Alex Rodriguez and 11-year-old twins Emme & Max Muñiz (R)

After completing the It’s My Party Tour, JLo expressed her relief that it’s finally done as it was a challenging experience for her. In a YouTube video, she is seen leaving the venue with her fiancé Alex Rodriguez and her 11-year-old twins Emme & Max Muñiz.

The Jealous songstress explained to her family: 'I have to sleep a lot and I have to get a lot of body work done and that's not how I want to spend my whole day. I want to be able to go out and do things and stuff, but I can't. It's not responsible for me'

The singer Jealous recently revealed to her family that due to her work commitments, she has to spend a lot of time sleeping and getting body work done. She expressed her desire to go out and do other things, but being responsible requires her to prioritize her work. In her latest project, she not only acted but produced a movie about a veteran stripper who scams wealthy Wall Street clients. The movie is predicted to make $24M when it premieres in UK/US theaters on September 13. Apart from her acting ventures, the Golden Globe nominee is also scheduled to perform at the iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina in Miami on November 2.

Airing tomorrow! The Second Act actress joined her Hustlers castmates on Sunday to tape this Thursday's episode of Good Morning America where they'll promote the movie

'Are you in?' Jennifer produced and stars as veteran stripper/crime ringleader Ramona Vega (a thinly-veiled version of Samantha Barbash), who drugs wealthy Wall Street clients and scams them out of hundreds of thousands of dollars

Jennifer invites you to join the adventure as she portrays Ramona Vega, a seasoned stripper and leader of an illegal gang, who cleverly drugs affluent Wall Street clients and fleeces them of their hard-earned cash. This character is based on Samantha Barbash, but with a slight twist to keep things interesting. Care to tag along?

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