Miley Cyrus Shows Off Underboob and Rock-Hard Abs While Celebrating Success of Charlie’s Angels Song

Miley Cyrus took to social media on Monday to share some revealing photos that left fans stunned. The 26-year-old singer from Tennessee proudly showed off her underboob and toned abs by lifting up her beige tank top. The “Malibu” hitmaker, who recently went through a breakup with Liam Hemsworth and is now dating Kaitlynn Carter, was celebrating the success of her latest song for the “Charlie’s Angels” soundtrack.

Daring: Miley Cyrus shared two shocking images to social media on Monday. The Tennessee wonder, 26, flashed her underboob and impressive abs as she rolled up her beige tank top

Bold move: Miley Cyrus caused a stir on social media by sharing two daring photos on Monday. The 26-year-old Tennessee native flaunted her toned abs and underboob by lifting up her beige tank top.
The edgy photos were captured on the set of the CA music video, showcasing Cyrus confidently showing off her hard work at the gym on her arms, stomach, and legs.
In the pictures, a variety of her tattoos are prominently displayed, including symbols such as an equal sign, a peace symbol, a cross, the word “Bad” from Michael Jackson’s album, and the word “karma”, among others.
Completing her bold look, Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter sported black boxer shorts with gold flames and the phrase “Women’s World Champion” emblazoned on the front.

Grrr: The photos Cyrus shared are aggressive. The bombshell puts her body on display, letting fans know she has spent a lot of time in the gym working her arms, stomach and legs

Wow: The images that Cyrus posted are fierce. The stunning star showcases her physique, revealing the effort she has put into toning her arms, abs, and legs at the gym.

She appears to be thoroughly enjoying the sultry performance as she grins and shows off her strong muscles. The caption humorously expresses her excitement after checking out Spotify’s “today’s top hits” chart featuring Lana Del Rey, Ariana Grande, and Charlie’s Angels. These popular singers released the highly anticipated music video for their new song “Don’t Call Me Angel” at midnight on Friday, Eastern time, from the soundtrack of Elizabeth Banks’ upcoming film, Charlie’s Angels.

Hot song: The Malibu crooner - who split from Liam Hemsworth this year to start a relationship with Brody Jenner's ex Kaitlynn Carter - was celebrating her Charlie’s Angels song becoming a top hit

The popular singer Miley Cyrus, who recently broke up with Liam Hemsworth and started dating Brody Jenner’s former partner Kaitlynn Carter, was excited about her hit song from the movie Charlie’s Angels. The music video features Cyrus, along with Ariana Grande and Lana Del Rey, walking through a lavish mansion, resembling Victoria’s Secret Angels, and carrying out missions.

In the song, Grande sings, ‘Boy, don’t call me angel. You ain’t got me right. Don’t call me angel. You can’t pay my price.’ Liam Hemsworth was reportedly taken by surprise by Miley’s public confirmation of their split after the photos of her kissing Kaitlynn Carter surfaced online while they were in Italy. Miley’s representative announced their separation on August 10th.

Stunned: Liam Hemsworth was reportedly blindsided when his and estranged wife Miley Cyrus' separation went public (pictured together in May)

Liam Hemsworth was apparently taken by surprise when news of his split from Miley Cyrus became public knowledge. According to a source from Page Six, the actor was caught off guard by the announcement and had been trying to work on their relationship behind the scenes. Miley’s representatives confirmed the separation, stating that both Liam and Miley have agreed to separate for the time being. They emphasized that as they continue to grow and change as individuals, they believe this decision is the best for them at the moment. The statement also mentioned that despite the separation, they are still committed to co-parenting their pets and ask for privacy and respect during this time.

Moving on: Miley's rep announced on August 10 the couple had agreed to part ways, after photos of Miley, 26, kissing Kaitlynn Carter in Italy surfaced online (pictured)

Moving forward: Miley’s spokesperson confirmed on August 10th that the couple had decided to go their separate ways, following the circulation of photos showing Miley, 26, kissing Kaitlynn Carter in Italy.

Moving on: Miley and Kaitlynn are continuing to flaunt their new romance on Instagram. Pictured with friends Bradley Kenneth (left) and Saul Choza in Italy back in August (right)

Moving forward: Miley and Kaitlynn are still proudly displaying their new relationship on Instagram. They were seen in Italy with friends Bradley Kenneth and Saul Choza in August. Another source close to Miley mentioned to Page Six that she was even considering saving her marriage until Liam filed for divorce in the same week. MailOnline has reached out to representatives of Liam and Miley for additional comments. Liam has been relatively quiet since announcing his split from Miley in August, following their eight-month marriage. His only public statement regarding the breakup was an Instagram post he made shortly after pictures of Miley kissing Kaitlynn in Italy surfaced. In the post, Liam expressed his well wishes for Miley’s health and happiness, emphasizing that the separation is a private matter. Peace and love.

Blindsided: Sources say the actor, 29, was shocked when he saw on social media that they were taking a break (pictured February)

Caught off guard: Insiders reveal that the 29-year-old actor was completely surprised when he stumbled upon the news on social media announcing their decision to take a break. (photo taken in February)

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