Shakira’s Journey Through the Shadows

In a recent interview with Elle magazine, singer Shakira opened up about her difficult time following her split from longtime partner and soccer player Pique. The star likened her emotions to those of a drowning person struggling in the middle of the sea. Shakira described this period as the “darkest hours” of her life, and is currently facing challenges related to the custody of her two sons Milan and Sasha. Additionally, the Spanish government is pursuing charges of tax evasion against her, with the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence if found guilty.

Shakira in the first set of pH๏τos after breaking up with Pique.  PH๏τo: Elle

After ending her relationship with Pique, Shakira shared her struggle in trying to raise her family amidst the breakup. In her April release “Te Felicito,” she wrote about being broken into pieces while trying to help complete someone else. When asked about the inspiration behind her lyrics, Shakira often draws from personal experiences, both intentional and unintentional. Shakira and Pique first met during the filming of “Waka Waka” in 2010 and publicly dated a year later. Although the couple had two sons together, they were not married during their 11-year relationship.

Shakira (left) and Pique have two sons after 11 years of dating.  PH๏τo: Pagesix

After being together for 11 years, Shakira and Pique have confirmed their separation due to conflicts that arose from prioritizing their careers. While Shakira moved into her old apartment in Muntaner, Pique was rumored to have had an affair. The couple released a statement asking for privacy for the sake of their children. Shakira, who felt like she was sacrificing more for the family, had moved to Spain to support Pique’s football career and said that it was a sacrifice in love. However, she had to face more difficulties when her father had an accident and underwent brain surgery. On top of her personal struggles, Shakira is facing legal trouble with allegations of tax evasion on her income. Despite all these challenges, Shakira finds motivation in her family and music. She celebrated her father’s birthday in Colombia and sang a bolero song for him, realizing the power of music to connect people to life. She also believes that music has a healing effect and is excited to release her 12th album soon.

Shakira will release her 12th album later this year.  PH๏τo: Elle

Shakira is set to release her 12th album later this year, but her focus right now is on protecting her children. Despite knowing that her partner, Pique, was looking for other women, she has no interest in finding new love herself. After an 11-year love affair, Shakira believes that women can still be happy without a man by their side. She admits that her life before was filled with love affairs, but she now prioritizes her kids, family, and friends. Shakira won two Grammy Awards for Best Latin Pop Album and Best Latin Rock Album and is known for her hit songs like “Hips Don’t Lie” and “Waka Waka.”

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